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Why I take Nature Made Vitamins

I wanted to share with you the reason that I choose to take Nature Made vitamins.  It was recommended by my Fibromyalgia/Pain doctor.  They said that it is the best brand to take because they try to come as close to natural as they can.  They also leave out a lot of additives.  Most of the bottles say, “No color added.  No artificial flavors. No preservatives. No yeast or starch. Gluten Free.”  I find these things important when I’m buying vitamins.  These vitamins are available at most drug stores, grocery stores and big box stores.  I, also, like to buy them online.  I am confident in this brand because of what the bottle says and what my doctor recommends.

The supplements I use by Nature Made are (click on the link to read about them):

Please consult your doctor before beginning any new vitamin/supplement regimen.  Some medications may react with certain vitamins/supplements.  This is not meant to treat or diagnose any condition.  What might work for me, may not work for others.  These are merely what I take on a daily basis in the Nature Made brand.  I take other supplements and will write about that soon.

Fibromyalgia and PMS-wrote 6/23/10

fibromyalgia awareness

fibromyalgia awareness (Photo credit: veganjoy)

So I have really bad PMS right now and the pain is causing my Fibromyalgia symptoms to flair too. I woke up this morning in a complete fog. My upper and lower parts of my arms, upper thighs, and stomach all hurt. It took all I had to get out of bed to let my poor baby boy (dog) out today. He is really the reason I get out of bed on most days. He really gets me motivated.

My hormones are really bad right now and my period just makes my attitude worse, too. The pain throughout my body makes things so much worse. I had a bout of shingles last week and now this. I just seem to have 2 straight weeks of pain throughout the month. It’s really bad.

I found an article about Fibromyalgia, supplements and PMS. It touches briefly about PMS. But I liked all of the supplement recommendations (but check with your doctor before you take them, please): http://www.diethealthclub.com/fibromyalgia/nutritional-support.html.