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Physical Therapy & Pain

We have been hit by a HUGE snow storm here and it’s wreaking havoc on my body.  My upper thighs are killing me and my hip joints hurt so bad.  I haven’t felt that in a while.  Schools are closed tomorrow and they have been telling us all day to stay off the roads.  I have the start of physical therapy tomorrow afternoon.  So I am going to call to see if they are open.  I really don’t want to drive in this mess.  It’s been snowing for over 24 hours.  My poor dog has no where to go potty.  And it’s just awful walking him outside in this weather.  The cold just goes right through me!!  I am hoping to get some help with the pain in my body via physical therapy.  I’ve wanted to try it for a while.  We shall see.

Has anyone tried physical therapy for their pain?  What did you have done and how did it work?