About Fibromyalgia

Good information about Fibromyalgia.

The Doctor's Note

Fibromyalgia is a condition that resists categorization. Researchers and other experts in health care have described it as:

  • a “rheumatic” musculo-skeletal condition;
  • a condition of the nervous system related to abnormal pain perception;
  • an auto-immune disorder;
  • an aspect of post-traumatic stress disorder;
  • physical symptoms of depression.

It is referred to as a syndrome or condition rather than a disease because the symptoms vary widely. Some medical professionals dispute that it is an illness but as research has begun to pinpoint measurable abnormalities in people with fibromyalgia, that opinion is becoming one of a minority.

What It Feels Like
Imagine having a bad case of the flu, all the time, and you’ll be getting a rough idea of what the experience of fibromyalgia is like. The main symptoms are widespread pain throughout the body, extreme fatigue, poor/non-restorative sleep. These are the “keynote” symptoms found in all cases of fibromyalgia.

But it…

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