Supporting People with Fibromyalgia, wrote 6/12/10

My goal in life is to be there for people with Fibromyalgia.  It’s such a silent disease that no one knows you have it, until you tell them.  When you tell them, they look at you like you have an alien coming out of your stomach.  No one really knows about this disease and no one really asks when you tell them.  No one sees us in pain because when the pain is bad enough we stay at home in bed until we can bear it.  The public never sees our pain. 

I put a smile on my face and trot on.  When I tell people that I am always in pain, they take pity on me and don’t know if they should touch me, if they will make me crumble or hurt me. 
Gentle hugs is what we say in the Fibromyalgia community!

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